"Here’s How YOU Can Get a Sexy, Fit New Body For Life, Regardless Of Your Age, Weight, Shape Or Sex! Becoming a NEW you is as EASY as 1, 2, 3!"

Your Time Has Come!

Becoming a new you is as simple as ABC (& D) with our Complete Fat Release, Body-Reshaping and Detox Program.

Now you can watch your body re-shape as you detox and release 7 - 12kg from those "Hard to Budge" areas in 3 weeks or less!

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  • The proportion of people who are overweight or obese is increasing worldwide
  • In Australia 72% of men and 58% of women aged 55 -64 are overweight or obese


Just think…

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  • Going into a clothes store and picking anything off the rack, trying it on with confidence knowing it will fit and look great.
  • Leaping out of bed each morning raring to go after a great nights sleep.
  • Going into any social situation, parties, dinner dates ,that special Anniversary or Christmas functions full of confidence and pride.
  • Knowing you can achieve anything you put your mind to because you have done it with your weight and nothing can stop you!


You can live this life within a very short space of time by adopting the principles of our Unique Fat Releasing Program. YOU deserve to have all the things you want and with our help you can achieve those long awaited fat loss goals.

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Success Stories


“My collar size has dropped by 7 cm and I’ve lost 14 cm from my waist. It’s been fun shopping for new clothes, including bathers. I feel comfortable and confident in public for the first time in 20 years. No more man boobs!” – Tim, Albany

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Susan C lost: Total Weight: 10.6 kgs – In just 12 short weeks. Chest: 3 cm Waist: 14.9 cm Hips: 12.5 cm Susan, North Perth, WA  

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Stacia has lost: 10 kg – In just 2 short weeks. “I did NO excercise… and I still lost weight!” Stacia, Mundijong, WA

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